The Most Common Shoulder Pain Mistakes

Wondering Why Your Shoulder Still Hurts?

Shoulder pain doesn’t have to be a mystery. Often, there are simple solutions to solve the mystery behind shoulder pain. Bob and Brad, the self proclaimed “Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet” share the three mistakes they often see their patients suffering from shoulder pain making that can further inhibit the healing process.

Mistake #1 Sleeping on Your Shoulder

Ideally, you should stop sleeping on your shoulder altogether. However, there are many people who have been sleeping on the same shoulder their entire life, so it may be hard to make the switch. If this is the case, you can make some adjustments to better support your shoulder while laying on your side like using a throw pillow to create a canal between your shoulder and pillow.

Mistake #2 Not Correcting Poor Posture


In the digital age, many people’s posture can be negatively affected by the hours spent hunched over looking at a phone or computer. This bad posture can also be increasing your shoulder pain. When you’re hunched over, the shoulder becomes impinged and can’t complete its full range of motion. So simply focusing on how you’re standing and sitting on a daily basis can make a big difference in your shoulder pain.

Mistake #3 Lack of Stretching

shoulder stretch.jpeg

80% of people have tight shoulders in certain directions. There are many different stretches you can use to help loosen up your shoulders. Loosening the shoulders helps to increase circulation to the joint and when the shoulder joint gets more blood flow, pain is reduced.

Tools To Loosen Up Tight Shoulders

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