Get That Stiff or Frozen Shoulder Moving Again

With a RangeMaster Shoulder Pulley

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Great exercise tool!! This is a great product!! I am a home care physical therapist and can easily assemble this exercise tool at any home. I have had good results with all my patients with increases in shoulder range of motion.
— Mary D.
Now I can do things like sleep on that side, put on a shirt or jacket (without a struggle or help) I can now raise that arm to a vertical postion over my head.
— Stuart F.
Every week I find myself explaining to patients how both research and experience have proven that simple pulleys bring back shoulder range of motion quickly and less painful than any other exercises, each week after just one or two sessions the once skeptical patients agree. More importantly they are pleased.
— Dan B., DPT
I’m eighty-one so I’ve been around awhile. I use the RangeMaster Shoulder Pulley to limber up before I go on my walks.
— Anonymous
I find shoulder pulley system to be an extremely important piece of equipment for my patients with shoulder injuries. It is easily accessible to patients for home use and economically appropriate for all people of various income ranges
— Jennifer C., OTR/L

What is a Shoulder Pulley?

Shoulder pulleys are part of an affordable medical exercise alternative to invasive shoulder surgery. Improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and reduce pain in an injured or frozen shoulder.

How do I use my Shoulder Pulley?

Simply place the webbing or bracket of the pulley over the top of any interior door in your home, shut the door, use your healthy arm and shoulder to passively move your injured arm.


What are Door Attachments?

Our shoulder pulleys will come with the option of a Metal Bracket door attachment or a Webbing Strap door attachment. You and your doctor or physical therapist can assess your need and which would be better for your recovery and mobility.


RangeMaster is an authorized shoulder health supplies contractor for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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