Shoulder pain

Article Review: Swedish clinical trial reduces shoulder surgeries

A Swedish study from Linköping University focusing on subacromial impingement syndrome has found a specific exercise program that helped 80% of compliant patients seeking arthroscopic subacromial decompression avoid  surgery. The study compared a group given exercises targeting strength of the rotator cuff and scapula stabilizers to a group given non-specific neck and shoulder movement exercises. Measures included Constant-Murley shoulder assessment score, Hospital Anxiety and Disability (HAD) score, Disabilities of arm, shoulder and hand score, Health related quality of life measured with EQ-5D (European Quality of Life- 5 Dimension score) and Visual analogue scale.

Article Review: What environment is best for Frozen Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises; Individual therapy, Group exercise classes or Home exercise?

A blind, randomized and controlled study comparing a home exercise program, group exercise and individual physiotherapy found that group exercise may be the treatment with the best patient outcomes for patients with Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). While all groups improved over the 12 month course of the study, group exercise supervised by a physiotherapist and individual physiotherapy had the largest improvements in Hospital Anxiety and Disability score, and group exercise had the largest gains in the Constant Score.